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Data Lake vs. Data Swamp

Data Lake vs. Data Swamp: Pushing the Analogy

Anyone who has been looking at big data for any length of time is likely already overexposed to the “data lake vs. data swamp” analogy. The analogy assumes that a “lake” is somehow neater and more orderly than a “swamp.” But the only reason a lake appears to be more orderly is because the complexity…

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Five Ways To Make Your Data Governance Program As Powerful As Wonder Woman.

Five Ways To Make Your Data Governance Program As Powerful As Wonder Woman

Not every data governance program ends in success—and that’s often because of poor adoption. Data governance can be intimidating: it requires doing things differently, building sustainable processes, and being transparent about how all of that gets done. But even if you don’t have Wonder Woman’s bracelets of submission or her lasso of truth, you can…

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Self-Service BI

It’s Like Amazon, But for Data: The Key to Sustainable Self-Service BI

A well-deserved buzz around self-service business intelligence (BI) links to the concept of democratizing the large volumes of data across the enterprise to make it accessible and consumable by everyone. And the darlings of startup community are capitalizing on this concept. As we can learn from an article by the leading AirBnb experts, as well as…

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Interactive Lineage

Interactive Lineage Exploration: Discovering the Right Data

The biggest opportunity for many organizations today is the democratization of data. In the past, data has been hard to find, hard to understand, and hard to get.  However, the potential which our data has to create value for the organization can only be realized if we get the entire company to make fact-based decisions….

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