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If You Govern Your Data, but Nobody Can Find It, Is It Really Governed?

Ask any business person in the world if they’ve ever struggled to find the data they need to do their job, and the answer will likely be a resounding yes. Finding data – and knowing it’s good enough to use – has been a problem since the first days of computing. And today, that problem…

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So you think you know what data governance is

So You Think You Know What Data Governance Is?

Data governance is a relatively new, and very hot topic today.  So it comes as no surprise that there are a zillion different definitions of what data governance is. Most of these definitions are self-serving. People with solutions trying to adapt the category definition they have been in for years to encompass data governance.  In the…

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Data Scientists: Let's Put a Spear in the Hunter-Gatherer Society

Data Scientists: Let’s Stick a Spear in the Hunter-Gatherer Society

I have been a proud, card-carrying member of the Hunter-Gatherer Society for over three decades. By the Hunter-Gatherer Society, I mean all the processes that data analysts and data scientists spend the majority of their time on: gathering up and preparing data to use for the analytic models and reporting they are responsible for delivering…

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The Secret to Making Your Analytics Project a Success

The Secret to Making Your Analytics Project a Success

A recent Gartner survey of CDOs showed that their primary responsibility is for analytics.  Yet users report that most of these initiatives have not lived up to their promise. This “analytics gap” has several causes, but it is exacerbated by the inability of data scientists and other data professionals to find the right data. Making…

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