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Data Rules the World

Data Rules the World (Don’t Lag Behind!)

It’s sad, but true. The world, as we remember it, no longer exists. Gone are the days when gut feels and executives’ opinions were the sole basis for decisions. Many things that were important in the past are gone and we rush forward with new goals, priorities, and principles. Let’s just agree with this fact….

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Data Governance for Federated Architecture Overcoming the Challenges

Data Governance for Federated Architecture: Overcoming the Challenges

Federated architecture is a common enterprise architectural pattern. There are many justifications for utilizing federated enterprise architecture. For example, federated architecture could have resulted from merger and acquisition activities where the acquired divisions decided to stay on existing platforms. Or, it may be used for regulatory compliance in situations where each department must maintain its own systems. The reasons may vary, but the impact on a data governance implementation is the same: mainly increased complexity in integrating the data governance system with the rest of the enterprise platform.

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Bridging the Clouds: SaaS and Data Governance

Bridging the Clouds: Data Governance and SaaS

Today, virtually every company, big and small, uses SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications in some capacity. For certain business operations, such as CRM, Human Resources, and Helpdesk, SaaS players such as, Workday, and ServiceNow dominate the space. And the momentum for switching more systems to SaaS is growing. Therefore, the particular characteristics of SaaS systems must be taken into consideration when implementing data governance and SaaS.

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Data Lineage

Data Lineage Through the Eyes of a DBA

Data governance discussions often talk about metadata scanning, and importing technical metadata like table names and columns, and finding duplicates of columns and of data. But these discussions usually fail to realize the necessity of data lineage. Technical metadata alone is not enough to help a DBA understand and model the data in a way that allows efficient data management. Lineage of data from source to target systems along with transformations, as well as to business metadata like business term definitions and rules, is critical for DBAs and technical users.

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