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Catalog of Reports - Driving Trust

Driving Trust with a Catalog of Reports

The widespread adoption of enterprise self-service BI systems created new opportunities to further digitize and democratize business decision making, thus making it more effective . However, the companies poised to reap the benefits of modern BI rollouts identified a set of common “evolving challenges” around sustainability, governance, and risk management that interfere with their ability…

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Metadata Crowdsourcing

Trust Me, I’m Governed: Why a Data Catalog Needs Data Governance

The Data Catalog Landscape Nowadays the market is flooded with data catalog solutions. They all aim at solving the problem that data consumers, and more specifically the expensive business analysts and data scientists, have: they spend more time trying to find the right data than they do actually using that data. Most of these data catalogs have…

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Collibra Data Lineage Diagrams

Data Lineage Diagrams: A Paradigm Shift for Information Architects

Interactive data lineage diagrams allow you to preview, edit, add, comment, and more from within the diagram. And, carefully aligned metadata and data lineage focused capabilities enable information architects to rethink the paradigm so they can govern, design, document, quality stamp, keep up-to-date, certify, and distribute your data in no time and in a way that it is easy to maintain.

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