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CIO v CDO? In a data-driven world, who really manages information?

CIO v CDO? In a data-driven business, who really manages information?

Here’s a hypothetical scenario: Your company just announced to its shareholders that it’s making a significant pivot and becoming a insight-rich, data-driven business. You know you’ll be seeing some changes: new strategic directions will demand a new focus on data sources, data quality, and data governance. You expect that will mean some personnel changes across…

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Data Predictions for 2017

7 Data Predictions for 2017

Over the past week, we’ve looked back at the most-read blogs and hot topics of 2016. But as the year draws to a close, we looked into our crystal ball to see what’s ahead for the world of data in 2017. We uncovered a number of data predictions for 2017 – seven to be exact….

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Insights from the Chief Data Officer Summit

Insights from the Chief Data Officer Summit

Last week I was at the Chief Data Officer Summit in New York. I really enjoyed meeting with several chief data officers, data governance managers, and other data management professionals from all different industries. I find these events a good source for learning and understanding the dynamics of the data governance space as everybody comes together to…

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The Rise of the Chief Data Officer (CDO)

In my previous post “Unleash the Data Democracy”, I discussed that data citizens have had enough of the non-transparency or non-involvement in the very data (reports) they use to do their job. Their frustration has ground-swelled the need for the appointment of a Chief Data Officer (CDO). The CDO is ranked at the executive level and is organizationally sanctioned to establish a data strategy and empower data citizens through a data collaboration platform to change the way business is done. Data citizens, let the real Chief Data Officer (CDO) stand up!

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