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Business Glossary and GDPR

The Business Glossary and GDPR: Solutions for Data Protection Regulations

The Europe Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is changing how we think of governing the data of individuals. It represents a significant cultural shift concerning the data we capture about individuals. With this regulation we, the companies, no longer own the data we capture about individuals or natural persons. After the regulation becomes enforceable…

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The Business Glossary Prime Directive

The Business Glossary Prime Directive

Yes, I’m using a line from the Star Trek franchise. We must have a similar concept for data governance and the business glossary. The Star Trek Prime Directive is the single guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets, and has not waivered since the beginning of the franchise. It does not matter what the…

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So you think you know what data governance is

So You Think You Know What Data Governance Is?

Data governance is a relatively new, and very hot topic today.  So it comes as no surprise that there are a zillion different definitions of what data governance is. Most of these definitions are self-serving. People with solutions trying to adapt the category definition they have been in for years to encompass data governance.  In the…

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Governed Business Glossary

Same Data, Different Meaning: Why You Need a Governed Business Glossary

We, as humans, but also as employees of organizations, speak different languages and come from different cultures. But even when we speak the seemingly same language, we can have different dialects and use different words for the same things. My wife and I are both from Austria but we are from different regions. Even though…

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