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Data Lake vs. Data Swamp

Data Lake vs. Data Swamp: Pushing the Analogy

Anyone who has been looking at big data for any length of time is likely already overexposed to the “data lake vs. data swamp” analogy. The analogy assumes that a “lake” is somehow neater and more orderly than a “swamp.” But the only reason a lake appears to be more orderly is because the complexity…

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Top 3 most valuable data governance use cases

Top 3 Most Valuable Data Governance Use Cases

Establishing data as a strategic asset is not easy and depends on a lot of collaboration within an organization. The advantage is that once a system of record is in place for data, your organization can implement many valuable data governance use cases. In this post, I’m highlighting the top 3 of most value adding data governance…

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Ahh, Paris: A Recap of Big Data Paris & Some Advice

Ahh, Paris: A Recap of Big Data Paris & Some Advice

This week I had the pleasure of traveling to Paris to attend – and present at – Big Data Paris. And the event was not only big in name, it was big in size, with thousands of people attending. And while the theme of the event was “Master the Data Galaxy,” I found that many delegates…

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Team of Teams

A Team of Teams: Why Collaboration is More Important than Big Data

In 2015, retired US Army General Stanley McChrystal wrote one of the best books on data: Team of Teams. The word data governance is not mentioned once in the book, but the problems the general was facing when taking command of the Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOC) in 2003 were very much data governance…

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