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BSBS239 and you Data Governance Program

Why BCBS 239 and Your Data Governance Program Go Hand-in-Hand

Mention BCBS 239, and it’s sure to bring on a headache for many financial services institutions. But what if the principles set forth in BCBS 239 were actually your friend? And what if embracing these principles as the foundation for your data governance program eased the pain of your regulatory reporting headache once and for all? Non-CCAR banks, and even companies in other financial services sectors such as insurance and asset management, can benefit by adopting the BCBS 239 principles as regulator expectations data governance trickle down and now even trickle across industries.

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Financial Reporting and Data Governance Your Ultimate Battle Plan

Financial Reporting and Data Governance: Your Ultimate Battle Plan

Most people working on financial reporting see the underlying systems and data flows as some kind of magic black box. They know roughly where the data comes from, but do not know all systems that are involved and whether or not the data outputs are trusted sources of data. They may know Molly from the Accounting department forwards the bank balance sheets to Sam from the Risk department via email, but they do not know where else these files are handled and processed. They may want to know why the data quality of their data fell, but do not know where to look or which line of business to involve for a quick resolution on the matter. This brings about the need for financial reporting and data governance in any such organizations tackling the above questions.

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A New Approach to Managing CCAR MRAs

A New Approach to Addressing CCAR MRAs

If you’re like many CCAR banks I work with, you recently received your CCAR feedback and are now frantically sorting out a response to the latest round of MRAs. And I suspect that what you’re finding is that you’re struggling with issues such as how to report status and progress, how to document data lineage, and how to establish and evaluate CCAR data controls. But as you think about how you’ll respond to the latest MRAs, as well as put in place a longer-term, more sustainable plan for compliance, I challenge you to think of solutions outside of the regulatory compliance box.

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