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5 Data Governance Blog Posts You Should Read to Prepare for 2018

I know. It’s tough to keep up with all the great content published on the Collibra Blog. We have an amazing set of expert authors who know A LOT about data governance. And staying on top of what they have to say is no small task. Last week, we featured the top 10 most-read posts…

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AI & Data Governance: Humans (Still) Need to Apply

AI and Data Governance: Humans (Still) Need to Apply

In history, we’ve seen three major eras in the automation journey of companies. In the first era of automation, machines relieved humans of work that was manually exhausting and mentally enervating. The second era of automation took on mainly grunt work, but stopped short of decision-making. Today, we are entering the third era of automation,…

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Data Governance

It is often asked if a data governance program automates not only the ingestion of technical metadata, but also the connection of the technical metadata to its business context. For example, we can import into a semantic catalog a list of tables with their columns from a schema or a database from a system.  And…

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