Customer Stories

Reference Data and Business Semantics at the Flemish Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation

The Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation is, amongst others, tasked with funding scientists and their research projects through multiple specialized institutions. Monitoring how the different institutions allocate the resources is critical because it allows the department to compare compliance and return cross all disciples, against international indicators, …

Collecting this information from the different institutions is often challenging because each institution uses different terminology (terms, codes, …) and classifications (i.e. for disciplines). This requires complex many-to-many mappings of fields and codes (i.e. crosswalks).

Using Collibra’s business glossary, data dictionary and reference data capabilities, the department of education was able to set-up and maintain complex mappings of terminology and codes. For many code tables a foundation list was set-up as a basis to map to. These code mappings are further used to support the data transformation and movement.