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Data Governance for MDM and SAP at Barry Callebaut

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Barry-Callebaut operates on a single SAP instance globally and deals with the data migration process of, on average, five newly acquired plants each year. The key in supporting this process efficiently is proper governance of data fields, applications and data rules. This is done by documenting what data fields are used for, who the owner is, what the allowed values are, what rules apply, who the data provider is, in what plants and application the fields is used, …

Both the information gathering as well as business-as-usual data governance is done using the Collibra Data Governance Center. Implementing processes like approvals, feedback tickets and issue management (i.e. request for a new field).

This continuous Data Governance process generates outputs for three important types of stakeholders:

Management: receives regular reports with information on the generated issues (by type, by domain, …), the maturity and progress.

End Users (mainly business): get easy access via a web-based platform to all documentation for operational and project use (structured and visualized). Additionally they can log feedback or issues when needed.

Information Management / IT: gets structured output in database format useable for ETL, IM projects and business projects.