Create a data ecosystem everyone can access and trust

As healthcare data continues to grow, so do the number of data initiatives within your organization. Your teams are likely drowning in data that is housed across multiple reporting tools and data warehouses, insufficiently labeled, and simply not searchable. This makes it hard for anyone to find the data, reports, information, assets, and insights they are seeking — let alone use it to drive better decision making. Collibra gives healthcare organizations a proven framework for trusting their data, automating the processes of governance, and enabling non-technical users to play an active role in data stewardship and data use to get the most value possible from your data.

Become the champion of data your organization needs


Build trust in your data

Learn what your data can do for you. Trusting your data unlocks its full potential and drives your competitive advantage.


Establish a common data repository

Data that is understandable, trusted, and easily accessible to everyone allows your organization to realize the full value of your data investments.


Automate data governance

Create a single, searchable, and well-governed data catalog that enables everyone to quickly find the right reports and data sets.


Maximize the value of data

Make it simple for non-technical users to leverage data to power better decision-making for both patients and healthcare providers.

“We decided that the best way to empower our clinical and business leaders was to make it easy and intuitive for everyone to access the data they need so they can make the best possible decisions. With Data Bay built on Collibra, getting answers is often as easy as simply asking the question.”

Dave Lehr, CIO, Anne Arundel Medical Center

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