Master Data management

Stewardship is critical for Master Data Management Success

Master Data Management projects often fail because business users don’t trust the data and therefore don’t use the MDM hub. Collibra ensures you get the governance part of your MDM implementation working, and working fast.

Seasoned Master Data Management practitioners and analysts all agree: successful Master Data Management projects focus on Data Governance. They strongly recommend dedicating part of the resources to Data Governance.

You need to identify the required stakeholders and their responsibilities in your organization; have business and data stewards collaborate on master data entities, master data attributes, reference data, lists of values, policies and business rules to get different business related views (e.g., different business rules for departments or lines of business). Make sure that the governance workflows are well established to get the necessary approvals and alignment with various business stakeholders. Set up data stewardship workflows (e.g., attribute on-boarding, issue management, data sharing agreements, …) and make sure that the right stakeholders are involved at the right time.

Business-relevant traceability between definitions, data concepts, business rules and source and target mappings supports change management in order to bring down the TCO of your MDM implementation.

Your MDM program won’t even work, let alone scale, unless you reconcile and govern the resulting business glossary of terms across your MDM hub (and its data model) and your business applications and warehouse in which your information assets are being governed.

Make it stick:
Data Governance Center

Collibra’s Data Governance Center supports Data Governance for your MDM through a web-based, collaborative Data Governance platform. The software empowers the data stewardship organization through a business friendly end user environment. It assists key data governance team members in facilitating, coordinating and communicating with all relevant stakeholders in the Data Governance process.


Fast implementation,
Proven results

Collibra’s Data Governance Center is an out of the box solution. It is delivered with a predefined, proven operating model that is fully configurable. Collibra’s Quick Start implementation package (10 days) delivers immediate and tangible results based on the out of the box operating model as well as industry specific templates.


"One of the biggest challenges was trying to convey what ownership meant. Some people were shy about being accountable for a definition or the process the data point should go through or what the quality rules for data cleansing would be. "

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