Rapid growth needs authorative data

Successful technology companies are well known for their extremely rapid growth, typically resulting in complex environments. A “master plan” for data is not the first thing to think about when everybody is focused on growth (new products, geographies, mergers, …). At a certain point this creates challenges that easily becomes showstoppers to continue growth. True successful companies think differently on how they control data, because it drives operational excellence.

Especially in today’s changing marketplace it is this kind of “organizational readiness” that provides resiliency: a framework in which the innovation required to support growth can thrive. When licensing models change (e.g., subscription versus perpetual), when platforms evolve (e.g., mobile versus desktop), when markets go global, technology companies have to execute efficiently or they will lag behind, stuck in inefficient processes and unable to generate new true growth.

Data is at the heart of those business processes, and data is at the core of making the right decisions for the future. Technology companies that control their data have the best view on the future of their business, and the right control over their execution to create that future.

"We tried a homegrown solution on Sharepoint, but it was not adopted. It was too static and difficult to search content. Collibra's platform made it easy for people to find the right information around assets, and formalized the processes."

Data Governance: Business as Usual in Colt’s Information Delivery Platform

Colt is a leading European Telco company. To unify their unique delivery message both internally as externally, they needed a betterunderstanding of their complex products and their delivery. Colt has seen tremendous growth, both organically and through M&A, resulting …...

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Trust in Data: Business Semantics Glossary for Telecom Data Warehouse

A large European telecom operator launched a Data Governance program around their Data Warehouse because the data warehouse was not providing the expected returns. The data warehouse could not be …...

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