By Industry


Collibra has been directly or indirectly involved in many Data Governance projects.

While Data Governance is necessary in every industry, a number of specific industries see more Data Governance initiatives than others, for good reasons. We have built strong expertise in these industries to ensure succesful Data Governance implementations.

  • Financial Service Industry


    Many aspects of the new regulatory requirements in the Financial Service Industry are related to the areas of Data Governance, Data Management and Information Management. Whether the requirements stem from Dodd Frank, Solvency II, FATCA or Basel III, Data Governance has become front and center as the regulators have realized it is essential when gauging systemic risk.

    Financial Service Industry

  • Healthcare


    The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is heavily regulated, and non-compliance directly affects top line revenue. GxP quality guidelines and regulations are extremely important and grounded in the organizational culture.Applying Data Governance with the Collibra platform provides ensure the Data Management processes are on-par with the level of control needed for compliance.

    Healthcare Industry

  • Technology


    Successful technology companies are well known for their extremely rapid growth, typically resulting in complex environments. A “master plan” for data is not the first thing to think about when everybody is focused on growth (new products, geographies, mergers, …). At a certain point this creates challenges that easily becomes showstoppers to continue growth. True successful companies think differently on how they control data, because it drives operational excellence.

    Technology Industry

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