Our partnership

Delivering context and governance to data within Snowflake’s platform

The powerful combination of Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud with Snowflake’s platform gives enterprises the ability to easily discover and scale access to trusted data. Snowflake’s platform is highly flexible, scalable and elastic, supporting enterprises ability to access data across businesses and systems. The Collibra Platform built with governance at its core, is open and extensible, facilitating data democratization and enterprise-wide collaboration.
The unique features and complementary capabilities of both platforms enable enterprises to increase data usage, collaboration and ultimately help enterprises deliver faster insights and innovation.

Optimize productivity

Easily find and access data


Snowflake’s platform stores data in the cloud, at scale, and in their native formats providing organizations enhanced performance. Collibra allows all types of data users to easily search for and find data in Snowflake’s platform with context to a wider variety of data assets, analytical models, reports and KPIs.


Snowflake’s cloud-native platform provides organizations the ability to access data from across businesses and systems, and its elasticity scales to match growing compute needs. The Collibra Platform is open and extensible, built with data governance at the core so users can quickly and securely access trusted data in their Snowflake platform.

Data Transparency

The Collibra Platform makes it easier to find data with context and provides automated, end-to-end lineage that tracks data across the Snowflake platform. Collibra enables organizations the flexibility to collaborate around data in Snowflake and deliver context including definitions, policies, processes, classification and categorization.

Data Quality

The Collibra Platform uses machine learning to detect anomalies in data, automatically generate data quality rules and reconcile replication errors. Collibra centralizes and automates data quality workflows to comply with global regulations and streamline data and analytics processes increasing productivity with the Snowflake platform.