Collibra Catalog

Find and use the data that matters most

Digital transformation today is a business imperative. Advances in the internet of things (IoT), cloud architectures, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) are driving the need for digital transformation. They also increase an organization’s reliance on data, and the need to find and use data across a growing number of sources. Enter, Collibra Catalog.

Collibra Catalog helps companies execute successful digital strategies by allowing them to more easily discover the information that matters to their business — whether that relates to finances, customers, products, services, supply chains or personnel. Business users gain rapid access to data for meaningful analysis, while the enterprise can also overlay appropriate processes to ensure policies are adhered to, mitigating potential liabilities from privacy regulations.

  • Collibra Catalog Dashboard
    Collibra Catalog Dashboard
  • Collibra Catalog Landing Page
    Collibra Catalog Landing Page
  • Data Profiling in Collibra Catalog
    Data Profiling in Collibra Catalog

Collibra Catalog in action

Learn how the Collibra Catalog can help you find the right data, request new data to be
on-boarded into a data lake (AWS), and create a report in a BI tool (Tableau).

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How to blend self-service and solid governance

In this Constellation Research report, you’ll learn how to deliver fast, self-service access to information while ensuring proper data governance. You’ll also see why data catalogs must tightly integrate with data lineage tracking, data glossaries, and broader data governance.



Collibra Catalog benefits

  • We speak the language of your business. Apply a single-layer of data definitions for business decisions that are backed by consistent data.
  • Our technology is robust and highly configurable – architected to support enterprises with complex operating models and organizational structures.
  • Our Catalog drives complete transparency and rapid discovery of trusted data sets through industry-leading data governance capabilities.

  • Our Catalog provides lineage insight so executives can have confidence in the quality of the underlying data sources that drive reports.
  • Collibra supports federated data management AND consistent data analysis, meaning it sits on top of tactical solutions designed for data scientists and applies business terminology.
  • Collibra allows companies to administer complex policies for data usage and retention, ensuring users only access approved datasets and companies adhere to regulations.