Collibra Mobile is here!

Today Collibra, the leader in data governance applications, unveiled its new product, Collibra Mobile. This interface brings Collibra’s award-winning governance technology to mobile devices.

Users are able to find the definitions, quality and status of business terms, critical data elements and KPIs. Data stewards can update policy information, approve definition changes, initiate change requests and determine remediation statuses through convenient mobile technology. Organizations can monitor the quality of the data and understand the status of data management projects and tasks. They can focus on continuous improvement, and increase quality, security and compliance.

“Stewards and stakeholders are people with a day job. Collibra Mobile is a continuation of our mission to serve the steward wherever they are and make data governance, easier, faster and more valuable..“ said Stan Christiaens, CTO of Collibra.. “Collibra combines broad and deep governance capability with an effortless user experience making it possible to use data governance day to day. “


“Collibra Mobile is an additional step in unlocking the value of your data.” said Felix Van de Maele, CEO of Collibra. “It puts this power in the hands of data stewards, data managers, data scientists and regular business users, enabling them to make better use of the data they have, and to do it faster. “


Early release program begins today.. Collibra customers interested in joining the program can find more information on

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