The Need for Big Data Governance: A Whitepaper by Collibra and MapR

The Need for Big Data Governance

Read our whitepaper to learn why Data Governance and Big Data go hand-in-hand.

Why this whitepaper?

Data governance is key to understanding the meaning, usage, and quality of big data. Without it, you’ll struggle to create the insights and information needed to run a data-driven organization. Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why you need data governance alongside big data
  • What a big data governance initiative needs to be successful
  • Why big data requires a new approach to govern data assets effectively

Download our free whitepaper to learn how Collibra and MapR work together to make your big data governance initiative a success.

“There are several things about big data that change previous understanding of data governance. Each of these requires a new approach to governing the data assets effectively.”
– Dan Sholler, Director Product Marketing, Collibra

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