How to Implement a Successful Data Governance Project

Make strategic and effective decisions based on your organization’s information assets

One of the most important elements in any effective data management program is data governance. Data governance includes the rules, processes, and standards that ensure that data is created and stored in ways that anyone accessing it will have the same experience. Learn how to implement a successful data governance program from start to finish in this on-demand webinar.

You’ll get answers to questions like:

  • What is the role of data governance in a data management or MDM program?
  • What are the six key attributes of an effective data governance program?
  • Who should take ownership of a data governance program, and what does that mean?

Watch this on-demand webinar now to hear Anne Marie Smith, VP of Education and Chief Methodologist at EWSolutions, discuss what it takes to overcome the pressures and constraints driving the need for data governance and how a successful data governance program can help you achieve positive returns for your organization.

"Data governance enables organizations to easily understand where data comes from and who owns it, which allows them to be truly data driven."
- Kash Mehdi, Collibra

Resource Library - Success with Data Governance Projects

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