Spreadsheets won’t cut it

You need an agile data catalog

We’ve all heard this before: “We use excel spreadsheets today. Why do we need a data catalog?”

During this on-demand webinar you’ll learn why Stephen Gatchell, CDO at Dell, recommends you focus on how a data catalog can solve business problems to sway the naysayers in your organization. An agile data catalog will give you a complete view to make decisions. If you have a spreadsheet, you only have a list of information and no idea how it’s used, what policies apply, potential quality issues, etc. Watch now to hear more of Stephen’s advice for planning and rolling out a successful data catalog initiative.

“A data catalog needs to be about more than just your data. It’s about how to get a person from where they are today to the outcome they need.”
Dan Sholler, Director of Analyst Relations, Collibra

Spreadsheets won’t cut it

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