Making Better Data Governance Practical and Sustainable

You need a communication plan for data governance

Sometimes, data governance programs do not become part of the way organizations think about data because they haven’t been fully incorporated into the company’s culture. During this live webinar, 90% of attendees said the biggest obstacle to effective and pervasive data governance was that people don’t understand it well enough.

How can you overcome this obstacle? You need to create a communication and socialization plan to share the benefits of your program and continue to inform, educate and energize your team.

Watch the on-demand webinar to hear a panel of experts discuss how to create an effective communication plan and how to mix manual solutions with automated tools to improve your data quality.

“Don’t be the data police. Instead, get everyone at your organization excited to embrace the opportunity for change with data governance.”
Anne Marie Smith, EWSolutions

Making Better Data Governance Practical and Sustainable