Create Meaning, Stomp Out Chaos with the Collibra Catalog

Hate Digging for Data? A Governed Data Catalog Can Help.

Data can change how you do business. But it’s often difficult to find the data that can drive new insights. Data citizens need an enterprise-wide view of data. And they need it now. That’s where a governed data catalog can help.

Read this CITO whitepaper to learn how Collibra Catalog helps you to:

  • Enable all data citizens to find the data they need
  • Deliver fully-explained data – with business context
  • Enforce and improve the rules defined during the governance process
  • Provide big picture transparency and continuous improvement

You’ll learn how Collibra Catalog empowers data citizens to find, use, and enrich data assets for immediate business impact.

Data scientists spend 60% of their time cleaning and organizing data. But 57% of data scientists view this as the least enjoyable part of their job.
CrowdFlower via Forbes

PPC - Create Meaning, Stomp Out Chaos with the Collibra Data Catalog