I Can't Find the #$%& Data

Hate searching for data? Collibra Catalog provides one-stop shopping for all your data needs.

For data to be actionable, it must be discoverable. But often, business users spend too much time wandering the data aisles searching for the information they need.

It’s time to end the data search grind. Read our e-book to uncover how Collibra Catalog:

  • Delivers an Amazon-like experience where data citizens “shop” for the data they need
  • Provides data recommendations based on the data purchasing behavior of others
  • Controls data access so sensitive data stays in the hands of the right people at all times

It’s better data discovery and better insights for all data citizens. Get the e-book now.

Collibra Catalog provides a new way for data citizens to find and access the data they need, evaluate its lineage, and enrich its value. Simply put: it’s one-stop shopping for all your data needs.
- Peter Princen, Product Manager, Collibra

PPC - What's in your shopping basket E-Book