From Self-Service to Data-Driven

6 Ways a Data Catalog Can Help

BI and analytics hold the promise of revealing insights that can propel your business ahead. But too often, these tools focus on the needs of full-time data professionals and their institutional knowledge. It’s time for that to change.

Today, organizations must engage with the business to develop a single point of access for data assets that provides a consumer-friendly experience. For many organizations, data catalogs are the answer.

Download the TDWI Checklist Report to uncover:

  • Why you need to shift your thinking – and your terminology – when it comes to data management
  • How a data catalog helps your organization deliver the consumer-friendly approach business users expect
  • Why building trust amongst all stakeholders is critical to becoming truly data-driven
“Simply put: providing the business with a good data catalog makes data easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to trust.”
From Self-Service to Data-Driven: 6 Ways a Data Catalog Can Help, TDWI Checklist Report, Aaron Fuller, December 2017

From Self-Service to Data-Driven