4 Things Every Data Governance Expert Needs to Know

Get better data into the hands of the people who need it to do their jobs

You’ve been working with enterprise-level data for years, so you’ve watched watched the business of data change. You’ve seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Most recently, that means you’ve heard the term “data governance” move from a technical term brought up in IT meetings to a phrase discussed during all business-wide meetings involving data.

There are three business trends moving data governance from a “nice to have” to essential:

  1. The rise of the Chief Data Officer: Has your organization hired a CDO or do you think they should?
  2. Regulatory oversight: Are you trying to figure out how to mitigate risk or avoid steep penalties?
  3. Business intelligence that delivers: Is it time to stop talking about being “data driven” and actually do it?

Register now to to hear Kash Mehdi, Customer Advisory Manager & Collibra University Instructor, share the four essential facts every data citizen needs to know to be considered a data governance expert. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how to put them into practice, so your new (or refreshed) expertise can immediately start making an impact at your organization.

"Data governance isn’t only applicable to your department. It takes an enterprise-wide initiative to ensure your data is correct."
Kash Mehdi, Customer Advisory Manager, Collibra

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