Start Your Journey Toward Data Citizenship

Forrester report explains how to adopt a new approach to data governance

As organizations become more insights driven, it seems like every department is getting involved in data governance. IT teams and data governance councils can no longer enable data governance behind the scenes.

It’s time to start incorporating every data citizen in the data governance journey.

This Forrester report covers:

  • Why data governance 1.0 ran out of steam
  • What is pushing organizations to start their journeys toward data citizenship
  • How data governance priorities change for industries like utilities, retail, healthcare and manufacturing

Read the Forrester report, Establish a Data Governance Journey Toward Data Citizenship, to learn why data governance needs to be a shared responsibility for every data user and how to get started.

Data citizenship is the state where everyone understands, learns, and acts according to their responsibility in light of today’s and future data governance objectives.
- Forrester, Brief: Establish A Data Governance Journey Toward Data Citizenship, Henry Peyret, 27 April 2016.

Resource Library - Forrester Journey to Data Citizenship

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