6 steps to add value with customer-centric data governance

Forrester report explains how to make your next data governance project your last one

Are you starting your second, third, or even fourth data governance project? It’s not uncommon.

According to Forrester, these failed approaches tend to take a systems-up approach, with little business-down influence. For your next project, it’s time for a new approach – one that takes a performance management approach to data by connecting and aligning business priorities and the data principles.

This Forrester report explains why you need to:

  • Let the customer journey define data values and your program goals
  • Put objectives and accountability before roles to build the right team
  • Seek automation and scale in data governance operations

Read the report to learn Forrester’s six-step approach to creating an effective, customer-centric data governance program.

The measure of data governance success is less about the data and more about business results.
Forrester, Customer Ecosystems Demand Outcome-Oriented Data Governance, Michele Goetz, December 28, 2017.

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