Data Governance: Essential for GDPR

Take a deep dive into critical GDPR use cases

The new GDPR regulations require organizations to implement new business processes, enhance accountability across teams, upgrade technical systems, and create a framework that builds and maintains data compliance. Sounds like a lot to get done by May 2018. Are you prepared?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how data governance provides the essential requirements for GDPR compliance, including:

  • Data flows and lineage
  • Quality and control from point of capture/production to consumption
  • Ownership and accountability

Dennis Slattery, CEO of EDMworks, and Collibra experts Koen Van Duyse and Olivier Van Hoof, will focus on real GDPR use-cases together with explanations and demonstrations of how effective data governance is the essential capability to deliver GDPR compliance.

Data governance is right at the very core of GDPR compliance.
- Dennis Slattery, CEO, EDMworks

Resource Library - What Data Governance Can (and Cannot) Do for GDPR (webinar) Series 2