Driving Data Agility with the Data Lake: A Whitepaper by Collibra and Knowledgent

Driving Data Agility with the Data Lake

Read our whitepaper to learn how to get the most out of your big data environment.

Why this whitepaper?

Data lakes provide next-generation storage and management solutions to address the ever-evolving needs of business-savvy users. But without data governance, data lakes can quickly deteriorate into data swamps. Read this whitepaper to learn about:

  • The characteristics that make a data lake implementation successful
  • The critical considerations for designing a data lake
  • The reasons why data governance is critical to the success of your data lake

Download our free whitepaper to learn how Collibra and Knowledgent work together to make your data lake implementation a success.

“Without the structure and controls to manage and maintain the quality, consistency, and compliance of data, a data lake can rapidly devolve into a data swamp.”
– Dan Sholler, Director Product Marketing, Collibra

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