Building a Data Lake for the Enterprise

A best practice series by Big Data Quarterly

Big data is the enabler for many business opportunities – from predictive analytics to the Internet of Things (IoT). But making the data accessible to the masses is a challenge. For many organizations, a data lake helps them manage the ever-growing deluge of data, and enables a shift in conversation – from volume to usage.

In Big Data Quarterly’s report “Building a Data Lake for the Enterprise,” you’ll learn:

  • Why data lakes are becoming the standard for organizations who want to enable the business to gain access to insights directly
  • How data lakes cause you to think differently about the way data serves the business
  • Why governing your data lake is critical to its success – and three best practices to help you succeed
"As a data leader, you must save the business from drowning in the data lake. Moving your data lake to the cloud is a good first step, but without solid governance practices in place, your users will remain under water."

Building a Data Lake for the Enterprise