A Beginner’s Guide to Data Lineage

The Map to Business Value

Is your organization making the most of the data it collects? Chances are, you’re not. In fact, recent studies suggest most companies are still struggling to make sense of their data.

If you want to drive real value from your data, you must first understand where it’s coming from, where it’s been, how it’s being used, and who’s using it—that’s what data lineage is all about. Read our e-book to learn:

  • What data lineage is – and why you should care
    about it
  • Why most data lineage diagrams are ineffective
  • How you can shift the paradigm for data lineage to drive true business value
“Data lineage is the practice of documenting, visualizing, and tracing the interdependencies of your data. But fundamentally it’s about something much simpler: it’s about finding, understanding, and trusting your data.”

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Lineage - PPC