Artificial Intelligence: Why Humans (Still) Need to Apply

AI is revolutionizing technology, but it’s still up to humans to drive decisions.

As AI continues to take over tech, sometimes it’s hard to remember that humans still have a seat at the table. And we should. While algorithms simplify and automate processes to make them smarter and more efficient, where is this intelligence coming from? The answer: data. An algorithm depends on data to teach it right from wrong; so if the data you’re using is insufficient, inconsistent, poorly defined, or biased, the algorithm is going to be terribly flawed.

Learn how data governance can help improve your AI with guidelines on how to:

  • Overcome data challenges like privacy, bias, and explainability
  • Build trust in the quality of your data
  • Enable the adoption of a data governance strategy
  • Gain clarity into the elements that drive your AI’s decision making
“We have to teach our algorithms which are good associations and which are bad the same way we teach our kids.”
Bloomberg Technology

Artificial Intelligence: Why Humans (Still) Need to Apply

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