Transforming the business with data collaboration at CMA CGM

When CMA CGM rapidly grew to over 100,000 employees they were faced with a challenge: How do you make data strategic for such a large group? To answer that question, they looked at each departments’ strategic objectives and asked, how can I help them? To improve the customer experience, they need to deliver the right information at the right time about their cargo. To optimize the sales process, they need to deliver up-to-date market information so sales can set the right pricing strategy. By responding to the needs of the business, they were able to define a clear vision and plan.

Laetitia Chassefiere, Group Data Officer, shares how they built a four-pillar strategy to support the move from strategic asset management to operational efficiency. She discusses how to:

  • Establish trusted master and referential data for everyone
  • Create central monitoring and collaborative execution
  • Improve data quality to unlock true business value and metrics
  • Design a data certification path to build trust with the business

Having the right people involved is the most important factor in creating a data culture. Watch this presentation to learn how CMA CGM got top management on board their data journey without losing sight of their plans or the momentum to execute their vision.

Laetitia Chassefiere, Group Data Officer, CMA CGM
“More and more I see myself not so much as a data leader, but as a change maker. Today I report to IT and business transformation, which feels right — finally.”