5 steps to prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act

Enforcement of the CCPA begins on July 1, 2020. But consumers can request access to the personal data you hold on them from the past year, meaning if you haven’t started preparing for the CCPA, you’re already behind.

Does this sound familiar? Your organization likely went through a very similar preparation process leading up to the GDPR compliance deadline in May 2018. Luckily, the GDPR and CCPA have many commonalities such as:

  • Sharing a common definition of personal data
  • Giving customers stronger protections over their personal data
  • Raising awareness of privacy risks and drive behavior changes
  • Introducing more protection for children’s data

Read the Forrester report, Tackle the California Consumer Privacy Act Now, for advice on how to speed up the process. You’ll learn how to repurpose your existing GDPR compliance program to prepare for the new CCPA requirements and establish a single global approach to addressing privacy.

Tackle the California Consumer Privacy Act’s Requirements Now