Blending self-service and governance for a hybrid data lake architecture

Leading organizations pursuing digital transformation are turning to big data and cloud deployments to drive agile development and innovation. Data lakes, IoT initiatives, AI, ML experiments, and self-service analytics programs — to name a few — are all moving into the cloud.

Yet even companies that are “all in” on the cloud often choose to retain certain data and related assets on-premises because of privacy or other regulatory requirements. Trust is a core concern in any data initiative, yet governance and assurance of compliance have never been more challenging now that organizations have data and assets spread across the cloud and on-premises data centers.

This Constellation Research report explains:

  • How organizations can deliver fast and business user-friendly self-service access to information while ensuring proper data governance
  • Why data catalogs must tightly integrate with data lineage tracking, data glossaries, and broader data governance
  • Why it is crucial to address the people and process aspects of data governance to ensure user adoption and trustworthy information

Read this report to learn the key requirements for supporting a data lake architecture that spans data on premises and in the cloud.