The data lake was supposed to make getting data, of all sources and sizes, easier for everyone. In theory, it does. The problem is that simply implementing a data lake, dumping your data into it, and giving everyone access doesn’t make it a business asset — it makes it a liability. As expectations for your data lake continue to rise across your enterprise, producing business value is imperative.

In this e-book, you’ll learn tips on how to overcome issues with your data lake so you can turn it into an enterprise-wide asset including:

  • Providing meaningful context to the data
  • Mitigating privacy risks
  • Making the data easy for users to find
  • Building trust in the data

The data lake dilemma is a big one — but it’s a conquerable one. The secret to giving your users what they need and driving value from your data lake is governance, and good governance at that.

Driving Value From Your Data Lake