Collibra ranked #1 in Dresner data catalog study

Dresner Advisory Services’ 2019 Wisdom of Crowds© Data Catalog Study examines customer preferences for catalog capabilities, customer investment, and vendor performance. The study found a significant relationship between users’ ability to find analytical content and the success of a BI initiative.

We’re pleased that Dresner recognized Collibra as a top data catalog tool based on end-user feedback and our platform’s strong set of catalog, collaborative, and governance features. Collibra Catalog offers the three capabilities that respondents cite as essential for a valuable data catalog:

  • Creating a data dictionary
  • Cataloging multiple databases
  • Integrating with self-service data tools

Read the report to learn more about your peers’ investments in Data Intelligence and how Collibra enables people to automate processes, increase trust, and ultimately unlock the value of their data.

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Collibra Ranked #1 in Dresner Data Catalog Study PPC