Today’s digital landscape puts unprecedented pressure on organizations to readily meet growing customer demands, competitive pressure and dynamic data privacy regulations. The most recent privacy law to take center stage is the California Consumer Privacy Act. The CCPA is not the first regulation that concerns consumer data and it won’t be the last.

To accelerate time to compliance and future-proof a data privacy program, organizations can focus on leveraging an existing enterprise-wide capability with interdisciplinary collaboration: data governance. In this on-demand IAPP webinar, First San Francisco Partners CEO Kelle O’Neal will discuss how and why data governance is vital to data privacy.

You’ll get best practice approaches for:

  • Understanding the CCPA and how it impacts governance
  • Ensuring collaboration between core functions
  • Integrating an agile, bottom-up-driven approach for governing data
  • Creating and enforcing a sustainable data privacy and ethics culture

Watch now to learn how data privacy technology can accelerate and enable regulatory compliance, critical data discovery, process automation and ongoing risk mitigation.

CCPA compliance for today, sustainability for tomorrow