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Rx for Healthcare

Healthcare providers and insurers are facing a more regulated and cost-conscious market where data becomes a critical tool to successfully navigate the changing landscape. But as the breadth, complexity, and volume of healthcare data explodes, so does the need for data governance. Organizations that use this volume of complex data to unlock the cause of disease–while maintaining the highest levels of clinical quality and unmatched customer satisfaction–will reap the greatest rewards.

Collibra gives healthcare organizations a proven framework for trusting their data, automating the processes of governance, and enabling non-technical users to play an active role in data stewardship and data use.

Using Collibra, healthcare organizations can address data governance challenges like:

  • Helping employees find relevant information in the thousands of poorly documented reports, dashboards, and metrics provided by EMR/EHR system vendors or developed in-house
  • Providing critical context to enterprise data in order to increase trust and understanding of the data
  • Delivering a technology-neutral metadata management platform to seamlessly manage virtually any type of business or technical metadata
  • Aligning data to meet the ever expanding and changing set of Clinical Quality and Compliance reports required by regulators, government and financial partners

  • Managing the myriad of clinical terminologies and vocabularies such as ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC, CPT, and more
  • Applying data security and governance policies to enterprise data assets to insure compliance and protection of personal health information and sensitive data
  • Life-and-death decision-making that mandates the data used meets the highest levels of accuracy, integrity, precision, and clarity

“At AAMC, we decided that the best way to empower our clinical and business leaders was to make it easy and intuitive for everyone to access the data they need so they can make the best possible decisions. With Data Bay built on Collibra, getting answers is often as easy as simply asking the question.”

Dave Lehr, Executive Director – Analytics and Data Strategy

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