Data Privacy

A strong approach delivers more than compliance and trust

Organizations are recognizing that data privacy is not just about compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Instead, managing data privacy is about earning the trust of individuals to protect and use their personal data in a way they can easily understand, access, and control. Creating a robust data culture focused on the ethical use of personal data can also deliver fresh insights about enhancing efficiency, identify new opportunities for growth, and help organizations see themselves in new ways.

Build a robust approach to managing personal data ethically in your organization

Know your organization’s personal data assets

Create a single information source for personal data across your organization. Understand who creates data, who owns it, and how the business uses it.

Manage the entire personal data process lifecycle

Use best practice data privacy workflows developed by Collibra to support compliance with regulations and engage with the whole data process lifecycle.

Comply with rules and deliver regulatory change

Hold all regulations and policies, as well as organizational policies, in one place. Manage compliance, issues, and enforcement. Implement regulatory change effectively.

Track risk metrics and controls effectiveness

Understand the risks inherent in personal data use within the organization, and the controls that are being applied to mitigate them.

Why Collibra?

Collibra delivers the leading platform for organizations that are serious about getting data privacy right. Collibra empowers organizations to proactively manage personal data assets — enabling compliance with rules, helping to protect personal data, and opening new doors of opportunity to deliver business value. With Collibra, organizations around the globe are working with new and innovative technologies, knowing the data powering them is treated ethically.

Data Privacy Regulation: Preparing for Change

It’s almost impossible to predict how data privacy rules are going to evolve, but one thing is clear. Organizations need to be nimble and prepared for rapid change within their data programs to adapt to new regulations. In this report, we identify the current trends that could drive change over the next five years.


Key Regulations

General Data Protection Regulation

The GDPR was created to transform the data privacy culture across the EU by giving individuals greater rights over their own personal data. To thrive in this ecosystem, organizations need to embrace GDPR compliance, operationalize it, and be prepared for additional change.

California Consumer Privacy Act

By January 2020, California residents will have the right to know what data is being collected about them, who it is shared with, and how to request access to or deletion of their personal information. Organizations should start understanding what data they have, where, and how it is being used to prepare.


The Implications of Brexit and the US Privacy Shield

Government actions can, unintentionally and unpredictably, impact data management. Learn how to respond to changing laws with agility.

Take a proactive approach to data privacy

When you get compliance right, there are many other benefits that follow, like opportunities to monetize your data and stay competitive.

Personal data protection as a key differentiator

Savvy organizations are recognizing that an ethical approach to managing personal data can have significant advantages beyond regulatory compliance.

Ready to get serious about data privacy?