Collibra On-the-Go
mobile data governance

The Only Data Governance Platform You Can Carry Anywhere

on-the-go on the go

Data governance only works if every data citizen has easy access to data, can understand what that data means, and can trust the quality of that data.

Collibra is the first and only data governance platform to support mobile interactions for data stewards, managers, and users on any mobile device. Mobile data governance allows every data user to be a data citizen, even on-the-fly. Collibra On-the-Go is currently available for Windows and iOS operating systems, with an Android version planned for the future.

  • Understand your data, its quality, and its meaning anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Help every data citizen get quick answers to their data questions
  • Initiate changes, update policies, and approve requests all from a mobile interface

  • Help data stewards and subject matter experts be responsive without abandoning their day jobs
  • Provide executives with on-the-go views of their data so they can validate an idea or complete a task at their convenience