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Business Glossary
business glossary

Define Your Data

For data to be meaningful, its context needs to be clear. Sounds easy, but rarely do people across the enterprise share a common understanding of even basic business terms like “customer” or “product.” And even if they do today, those meanings change over time.

The Collibra Business Glossary is a first step in creating a solid foundation to move data governance forward. It helps stakeholders across your organization collaboratively agree on the definitions, rules, and policies that define your data and manage reviews and approvals. And it makes this information easily accessible to every data citizen for faster adoption.

  • Agree on business terms, rules, and policies
  • Enable online stakeholder collaboration
  • Understand the impact of data policy changes
  • Visualize relationships among data elements, systems, and processes

  • Classify business and technical assets using unlimited hierarchies
  • Associate terms with rules, policies, codes, business processes, reports, and KPIs
  • Allow context-based management of meanings at the enterprise, departmental, and project level