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If knowledge is power, shared knowledge is powerfully transformative. Collibra rethinks the boundaries of data by giving everyone across your organization the information they need to drive faster, more trustworthy business intelligence.

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Collibra helps organizations expand the possibilities of what data can do, through a holistic ecosystem of software, processes, people, and information.

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The Collibra Center of Excellence is a team of data governance experts that puts its knowledge and experience to work for you by creating operating models. These experts work closely with customers and industry stakeholders to benchmark data governance excellence, then work with Collibra software engineers to design best-practice operating models for specific industries, organizations, and data projects. These out-of-the-box operating models address the specific needs of your organization so that you can realize the full value of your data investments more quickly.

A Chat With
Brian Keil
Charles Schwab

A Chat with Brian Keil, Charles Schwab

Brian Keil, Managing Director – Global Data Governance, Charles Schwab shares their journey to data governance.

The global create feature is fantastic, it makes the ease of use so much better. I also like that we are now able to import from anywhere in the Collibra application.

Catherine L., Associate Business Analyst, global Fortune 500 insurance company