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  • Customer Story
    A Leading US University Taps Data Governance to Build Trust and...
    Customer Story
    George Washington University grappled with a number of data challenges, the biggest of which was gaining...
  • E-Book
    The Unrealized Promise of Analytics (and How Data Governance Can Help)
    Ten experts explain how data governance can transform your data into a strategic business asset
  • Blog
    The Role of Data Governance and Accountability in GDPR Compliance
    The ICO has made a very clear and unequivocal statement on Wednesday, 15th March with regards to their approach and the...
  • Webinar/Event
    DAMA Day 2017
    DAMA Day 2017 is a full-day conference on Thursday May 18, 2017 organized by the DAMA NYC Chapter. Attend the event to...
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