Increase Collaboration and trust

Collibra’s Data Stewardship Manager enables a process-oriented data management strategy. If your stewards are spending too much time in unstructured spreadsheets and e-mails, the Data Stewardship Manager will free up valuable resources by automating the stewardship activities.

Collibra’s out of the box processes (e.g., data quality issue management, data sharing agreements, generic change requests...) help you get started based on best practices, and are fully configurable to match your specific requirements. This way you can optimally engage various stewards and stakeholders across departments and lines of business to govern any type of data asset. Business policies can be created, reviewed, approved and enforced. Business-relevant metrics on data quality and policy compliance give you the necessary trust the business needs.



Policy Management

Policies provide guidance and control for how data should be handled (e.g., data sharing, security, approval, ...). In Collibra’s Data Stewardship Manager you define and manage your policies in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders; break them down into a rules hierarchy (business rules, data quality rules); check for compliance and data quality reporting with configurable aggregation, quality dimensions, and history.

Once you have policies and rules set up you can apply them to the appropriate assets to answer questions such as: "which policies apply for data element X?" or "which rules make data element Y valuable?" or "which data elements and other assets are influenced by policy Z". This traceability is crucial for Data Governance as well as for the proper execution of daily stewardship operations.

Issue Management

Data issues and the issue log provide the backbone of the data steward’s daily activities. Whether there is a system or integration script that churns out invalid values, or a violation of a business rule, or simply a request for a new reference code, issues provide the opportunity for data stewards to facilitate the business in the most direct way possible.

A structured approach to handling issues and requests operated by data stewards provides the foundation to establish and maintain trust. Issues are collected from data profiling where thresholds are not met, from applications that file issues with the Data Stewardship Manager, or by any end user that handles data. Data stewards take care of analyzing, triaging, reviewing, escalating (e.g., to the Data Governance council), assigning and resolving those issues. In each step of the resolution process, the original requester is kept in the loop so he or she can monitor the resolution of the problem at hand.


Collaborate with ease

Stakeholder communication and coordination is one of the biggest challenges, and often has to rely on dysfunctional manual processes. Collibra’s Data Stewardship Manager harnesses a built-in BPMN 2.0 workflow engine supporting both out of the box workflows (e.g., approval, intake, issue resolution, etc.) as well as configurable workflows. You configure the processes and involved roles to match your requirements, and Collibra’s Data Stewardship Manager takes care of communication and coordination to optimally and efficiently engage the various stakeholders across domains, departments and lines of business.dsm-controlcommunicationworkflows

Model Complexity

Collibra's Data Stewardship Manager makes it easy to collaboratively create and manage your policies and rules based on detailed, configurable templates (e.g., description, exception scenario, frequency, threshold ...). You can easily link policies and rules to other existing assets (e.g., Business Terms, Metrics, Data Attributes, Reference Data, Code Sets ...) to establish traceability and compliance. Set up policies and rules in one or more rule hierarchies to manage complexity, streamline implementation, and get aggregated quality and compliance reporting.dsm-rulehierarchy

Resolve Issues

Data issues arise anywhere: misunderstood reports, bad data entry, policy changes, misalignment, profiling thresholds... If not properly handled they undermine trust in data. Use Collibra's Data Stewardship Manager as a collaborative Data Helpdesk: issues are easily filed by end users, or collected from profiling tools and missed thresholds, triaged individually or in batch (priority, impact, ownership, …), issues are routed according to stewardship responsibilities and ownership, and follow up, reporting and communication is efficiently managed.

Configure operating model

Data Governance and Stewardship governance organizations vary according to company culture and maturity. Collibra’s Data Stewardship Manager provides an out of the box and fully configurable operating model: with or without a council or steering committee, working groups by business unit, business process, business capability, project, or geography, stewards or custodians, … - completely aligned with business needs. You can assign and track data ownership on an organizational level.dsm-managedatastewardship

Consume Everywhere

Collibra’s Data Stewardship Manager has an intuitive, business-friendly and responsive user interface. With Collibra’s Data Governance Everywhere module, end users can simply interact with the system directly from their productivity tools (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, …), reports or any other Windows application. And with our Action Emails stakeholders will be notified through e-mail when their input is needed (e.g., vote, more information, …) and simply reply to the email (e.g., in Outlook, on a mobile device, …) Collibra’s Data Stewardship Manager will process the reply and continue the process.dsm-usability

Measure Success

Collibra’s Data Stewardship Manager offers a variety of configurable, out of the box dashboards and reports so you can easily monitor stewardship and data quality: get an overview of the number of approved policies and rules, measure responsibilities coverage, track open tasks, issues, and adoption, monitor data quality details, aggregations and trends, …dsm-reports