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Every data landscape is complex, but managing it doesn’t have to be. Collibra Connect delivers active data governance to help you link data sources, applications, metadata and other data management stacks into a single responsive system where updates and policies can be applied automatically.

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Connect confidently and apply data governance instantly

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Integrate important systems

Leverage your existing infrastructure by reading metadata from all your current systems.

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Apply changes fast

Provision changes caused by issue resolution or data modifications instantly across your data landscape.

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Reduce time to trusted data

Implement active data governance with integration templates, technologies and automation tools.

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Make compliance easier

Automate compliance and improve lineage, impact analysis, reference data consistency and data quality.

Strengthening data culture at Adobe

“The integration of Collibra Connect with our business intelligence and other data management tools has helped us foster understanding in our organization by bringing data governance to our users. We are excited about the next phase of our data governance journey and see many more possibilities ahead.”

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Ryan Cook

Senior Business Intelligence Developer,


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Integrate Collibra across your ecosystem

Collibra Connect helps link all data management stacks into a single responsive system in which updates and policies can be applied automatically, and defines ownership structures and workflows. Connect confidently with your ERP, supply chain, analytics and other systems, and apply data governance controls instantly across the enterprise data landscape.

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