About Collibra


Collibra helps companies get more business value from their data

Data Management has become a critical business process. New business applications are needed to support this process. Collibra focusses on automating data management processes by providing business-focused applications where collaboration and ease-of-use come first. We believe traditional data management vendors don’t have the expertise and company DNA to solve this problem.

Trusted Data Authority

Our products provide a common, unified and well-defined set of terminology, rules, policies and processes for consistent and trusted data usage, sharing, help desk, and data analysis between business owners and organizations, within an enterprise


Our Beliefs

Audience shift

Business is getting involved in Data Management. Data is so important for them that they want to be in the driving seat when it comes to trusted data. This completely new audience shift creates enormous opportunities for new, business-focused software vendors and challenges for the existing, technical-focused incumbents.

The users of Collibra software are business users. Adoption and ease of use are the most critical success factors. We invest more than anyone else to make the complexity of Data Management easy for business users to drive and own.

Process driven

Data management is a key business process and must be supported as such. Technical-focused tools such as engines or repositories are not built with process in mind. Collibra’s products are business-applications that help you model, automate and monitor your data management processes.


Collibra’s Data Governance Center is a business-facing Data Governance Solution. It enables business and IT to work together to define critical business concepts, capture the relevant policies and rules, implement the right governance processes, and monitor the results to ensure trusted data in the hands of the business.It’s three components: the Business Semantics Glossary, Reference Data Accelerator and Data Stewardship Manager together form the industries first integrated Data Governance platform that addresses all the responsibilities of a Data Governance organisation.