The Collibra cloud services may be provided by the following subprocessors, pursuant to the terms and conditions of your data processing addendum with Collibra:

Name Description Data Hosting Region
1 Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) Data hosting and storage The United States, Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom or Australia, in Collibra’s discretion. Collibra may consider requests that data be stored in one of the foregoing regions to the exclusion of others.
2 Collibra NV affiliates and subsidiaries as referenced here Collibra customer support and professional services Regions are referenced here
3, Inc. Platform usage analytics United States
4 Datadog, Inc. Log processing for debugging, troubleshooting, auditing, reporting, and detecting and alerting on application behavior United States
5 Rocket Science Group, LLC Mandrill by Mailchimp – Platform end user email notification services Worldwide