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Sales partners

Collibra Sales Partners include three areas of focus — customer referrals, joint go-to-market and reselling Collibra products. Partners providing referrals and participating in joint go-to-market activities are certified in all aspects of evaluating Collibra’s products with a focus on ensuring best fit for purpose to support the customer’s need.

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Services partners

Collibra Services Partners are experienced in helping data citizens with a variety of implementation services from strategy and business case development to installation and integration support. Our Services Partners are fully certified to implement Collibra’s platform. We provide our partners programmatic coaching and account management resources to support their achievement of continued growth and successful implementation of Collibra products. Collibra partners with some of the world’s leading global service providers including Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, and Accenture.

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Training partners

Collibra Training Partners have expert technical and business skills to offer comprehensive training on the business value and implementation of Collibra products. Training partners are individuals or select training organizations who have met the associated requirements defined in the Collibra Training Partner Program to deliver both internal and public classes for Collibra. Global System Integrators and customers can use qualified training partners on their teams to increase self sufficiency, reduce internal training costs, and greatly accelerate implementation.

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Distinguished Partner of the Year award

Annually Collibra awards teams and individuals driving innovative data strategy by collaborating with Collibra. We recognize partners who stand out as leaders in harnessing data to drive digital transformation. Our Distinguished Partner of the Year award, celebrates organizations that have provided vision, direction, and business value to customers by partnering with Collibra.

2019 award winner:

Deloitte was recognized for helping leading organizations in the United States, Canada, Belgium and across the globe, including Allianz Benelux, to become insight-driven organizations that are well-positioned to capitalize on the power of disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. As part of this process, Deloitte guides its clients’ implementation of Collibra to drive their data maturity. Using Collibra, Deloitte clients have the ability to better access, understand, and create value from their data.

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Collibra provides visibility across systems, helping prioritize which data to migrate first.

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