Financial Services

Secure and protect your data

Financial services firms stand to benefit greatly from the digital transformation wave. But they also face enormous risk related to data privacy. A compliant, ethical data strategy is critical to forge a successful future and to achieve Data Intelligence.

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Innovate for the future and

navigate the complex

web of regulation

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Create confidence in data quality

Built-in regulation scoring, event summary, detailed reports and many other features help develop trust in the lineage and quality of the data.

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Ease governance processes

Establish data management processes and controls to promote sustainability and scalability in compliance beyond short-term deadlines.

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Enable extended collaboration

Leverage data processes to enhance collaboration throughout the organization to accelerate innovation, customer centricity and compliance.

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Achieve and maintain compliance

Reach and sustain compliance across the alphabet soup of mandates: BCBS 239, CCAR, Solvency II, DFAST and FINRA, with more to come.


Empower your teams with data they can trust

Our Catalog allows organizations to ensure privacy policies are adhered to and users always have access to the most trusted data available.

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Privacy & Risk

Operationalize and collaborate on privacy

Take a proactive approach to privacy with Collibra Privacy & Risk. Build a robust and sustainable approach to compliance for your organization.

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Senior Center of Excellence Lead, Data Governance,

“Collibra has played an important role in our journey to build data transparency within our organization. It helps our users connect the dots and support our desired self-service model, eliminating the need for a middleman and allowing them to focus on their real work.”

Ashish Haruray
Building data transparency at AXA XL

Vice President, Data Management,
Charles Schwab

“We knew we had to meet regulatory requirements, but Charles Schwab also always likes to look at those efforts as a business value opportunity. So it was critical for us to engage the business and that’s how Collibra popped to the top.”

Brian Keil
Business-led governance at Charles Schwab

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